Green Building Videos

SunTerra EnergyBlock Construction

New innovative high mass construction

Green Building Presentation Part Two - Gallery of Homes

SunTerra takes pride in applying our skills to accomplish the desires of our clients in a cost effective, energy efficient home with comfort and style.

Green Building Presentation Part Three - Health Home

The Health Home Advantage Program was developed by the American Lung Association. The program's goal is to build a home that optimizes interior, healthy air quality.

Green Building Presentation Part Four - Design and Building Science

Thoughtful design and proper construction optimizes the performance, comfort, and value of the SunTerra hybrid home.

Green Building Presentation Part Five - Case Studies

SunTerra has recorded the energy consumption of several homes to prove the actual energy saving performance.

Green Building Presentation Part Six - Construction

The best designs, the best conservation theories, the best energy saving products, and the best intentions are of little value if not applied with knowledge and good building practices.



New innovative, high-mass construction wall system.  Take advantage of high thermal mass construction for energy efficient, continuous insulation.

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