About Us

SunTerra Homes is a design/construction business located in Bend, Oregon committed to cost-effective, energy-efficient construction since 1975. SunTerra's mission is to provide a complete service to our clients beginning with help in evaluating their property before or after land purchase as a free courtesy. The next step is fun and creative: putting their home dreams on blueprints. Then our work really begins--building their home within their budget, and standing behind our product with service and care.

We focus on occupant comfort, less home maintenance, healthly home air quality, design aesthetics, and market value in applying conservation to our clients' homes. By selecting only the construction elements and energy conservation equipment that truly saves our clients' money, SunTerra builds a superior, sustainable green home that meets our clients' individual values and needs.

Our Mission

To build award-winning, earth-friendly homes that have lower cost of ownership. To design and build homes that surpass our customers' expectations, and provide a higher standard of living and security for their future.

Our Method

SunTerra is able to utilize aspects that are valuable to achieve a true, energy-efficient home. With strategic site planning, complete custom design, and the latest in building technologies, we are able to achieve an affordable home with greater comfort, healthier air quality, lower utility bills, and added resale value.

Our Statement

We welcome the opportunity to serve your housing needs by providing value through a satisfying and rewarding construction project. SunTerra Homes is committed to do its best in accomplishing a "Win-Win" arrangement for our clients.

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