"Specifically, we are extremely satisfied with three things: with the energy efficiency and aesthetics of our home, and with Jim as the builder."

Godfrey Testimonial Letter

We wanted to share with you current functioning of our SunTerra EnergyBlock house, Plan #1783TD.  We now have been in the house for over a year, this is our second winter.  Lakeview, Lake County is located in the high desert, elevation 4,798’ on the valley floor.  Our house is located higher in elevation some 13 miles from town as you begin to climb out of the basin.  Winter months stay cool, highs barely above freezing at best, then dipping to single digits at night.  Summers are nice averaging in the 80-degree range most days.  You get the picture.  Our house is doing its job functioning as well as we had hoped.  Our electric bills for November and December this year were $28.80 and $50.62 respectively.  Summer bills have been averaging about $20 per month.  The house is functioning well as a passive solar home, absorbing the warming solar into the concrete floors and EnergyBlock walls during the day through the south facing windows.  We have solar, hot water, a ductless heat pump, energy recovery ventilation and an air night flush system.  I feel our house operates extremely efficient.  It is everything we wanted. (Edge, Lakeview OR)

“SunTerraSatisfied Home Owner ’s policy of total communication, honesty, and quality left me feeling so positive about the experience and about the friendships I feel I formed with their entire team, that I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

“I feel I received more house for the money than I would have with any other builder in Bend, and I know I can go back to SunTerra and receive the same courteous attention I have had since I began working with them. They truly are Master Builders!” (Falxa, Bend OR)


“We feel like we have a life-long commitment from SunTerra Homes, and this provides us with a good feeling of security regarding our home. Also, the subcontractors appeared to be of excellent, personal quality and integrity. The work site remained clean, and at all stages the construction was professionally done. SunTerra works very hard to ensure quality work at a competitive price. The personal commitment and integrity of all of the SunTerra Homes employees is very special. And so, I am pleased to offer my highest recommendation to SunTerra Homes.” (Sager, Bend OR)


Sustainable Testimonial (Bill and Karen McDonald, Columbus MT)


Professional Certificates & Memberships

  • Designing and building homes since 1975
  • Past member of Energy Efficient Building Association
  • Past participant in the Canadian R-2000 Program - "Cold climate research program"
  • Publisher of national magazines, construction manuals, and instructive videos addressing new construction technologies and conservation
  • Recipient of the State of Montana Governor's citation for meritorious service to the state
  • Member of the National Association of Home Builders and Central Oregon Builders Association
  • Recipient of the "Oregon Master Builder Certificate" through examination by the Oregon Building Codes Division
  • Earth Advantage Building Program
  • EnergyStar Building Program
  • Recipient of "Residential Construction Superintendent" designation
  • Oregon Home Builders Association Board of Directors
  • Certified Green Professional from the National Association of Home Builders


Satisfied home owner in Bend, Oregon

"I met Jim at a previous tour of homes and liked the fact that Jim was easy to get in touch with. I am really happy that Jim talked me into a second floor outside deck. I like to sit in my swing and enjoy the view." (Jackson, Bend OR)

Energy Efficiency Testimony

"It was during the design phase of our new home when Jim Chauncey told us that he was designing the most comfortable home that we'll ever live in. Boy, was he right. For 2 years we've enjoyed dust free, climate controlled living. An additional, and, maybe the most important benefit from Jim's design is the low cost of our utilities. Our electricity bills consistently run about 33% of the cost of our neighbors in similar sized homes." (Al and Melanie Heinbechner, Eagle Crest Resort OR)

Contemporary House Design - Plans for Sale by SunTerra Homes