Heat stays in and drafts stay out with SunTerra's unique insulation package. When evaluating insulation, look for more than R-value. Thermal performance is important, but so is air infiltration and moisture control preventing mold and structural rot.

While several types of insulation can reduce heat loss, air infiltration, and moisture condensation within the exterior shell of a home, SunTerra has evolved toward a cost-effective hybrid approach that combines structural spray-foam and batt insulation.

Another option is the strapped wall, which adds horizontal furring strips to add depth to a standard 2 x 6 wall and higher R-value.  Both approaches have proven to be the right investment when evaluated with climate and cost of fuel.



  • Higher "R" value up to R-7 per inch
  • Eliminates air leaks
  • Stops mold and rot conditions
  • Reduces sound though walls and roof
  • Adds Structural strength to home
  • Fills caps while expanding
  • Long-term thermal resistance
  • Classified as a green product