SunTerra EnergyBlock home built in Lakeview, Oregon

A home with all the correct features to make it the pinnacle of energy efficient design with style.

Notice the open great room concept that reduces halls and creates a large multilevel design with open stairs, balconies and loft.

SunTerra EnergyBlock, high mass, exterior wall system reduces energy use while featuring the value of masonry interior design.

 Passive solar is the primary heating system for this home. During the day heat flows through the South class and is stored in the floors and the SunTerra EnergyBlock wall system. At night the automatic shutter closes trapping the heat, keeping the home comfortable.

Learn about the value in building with SunTerra EnergyBlock. Then experienced the most comfortable, sustainable, and green home you have ever lived.

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South and East Elevations


North and West Elevations

View Reverse Floor Plan Image

View Reverse Floor Plan Image


Modern EnergyBlock

Main Level:

1,162  SF

N to S Dimensions 38'
Upper Level:

621 SF

E to W Dimensions 68'
Other Levels:


Height 24'

633 SF

Roof Pitch 6:12


  Covered Porch: 220 SF

Storage - Bonus:

300 SF   Decks:          

High Mass EnergyBlock


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