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View our clients' homes under construction from ground breaking through completion. See what is covered in a finished home that sets SunTerra ahead of the field. Watch a home take shape around the needs of our valued customers. Our next new energy efficient home project could be yours.

Central Oregon is an excellent place to build energy-efficient homes. Deschutes County experiences a fairly high heating season, over 7,000 degree day year. The larger the number the colder the season. This compares to Billings, Montana where SunTerra relocated from having a 7,265 degree day year. We learned in Montana how to build green homes in Oregon.

Bend, Oregon and its surrounding area is in a rain shadow provided by the Cascades Range to the west. This creates our high desert and many days of sunshine, perfect for passive solar and active solar home design. The closeness to the mountain range and our high elevation of 3700 feet provides cool nights and much daily temperature fluctuation 20 to 50 degrees. This provides opportunity to incorporate passive cooling by  flushing the home at night and retain coolness thru the day. An enhanced benefit in a properly designed energy efficient home.

We can also increase air-to-water heat pump efficiency by adding water storage and a timer. This gives us the ability to run the heat pump during the warmest time of the day and use the stored heat early in the morning during the coldest time of the night when the home needs heat and a heat pump is least efficient. Yes we are fortunate to have the elements here to optimize a green home design.

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