Alternative Energy

An alternative-energy heating and cooling system, and domestic hot-water system is a device that replaces a conventional fuel, oil, electric, or gas-fired furnaces, and boilers or resistance electric heaters. The most common heating alternatives today are passive solar, active solar, air-to-air heat pumps, air-to-water heat pumps, water-to-water heat pumps, and ground source heat pumps.

An Alternative Electric System

Photovoltaic solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity, with an almost negligible loss of power. A home equipped with such a system could be electrically self-sufficient, provided it made prudent use of electrical power and relied on active solar, propane or wood for heating back-up and major appliances.

As we watch energy costs increasing, alternative energy systems become more competitive to conventional power sources.

Today when we design an energy-efficient home, we need to evaluate the cost of incorporating alternative energy for the home. Compare:

  • Cost of ownership for alternative energy system
  • Estimated increase in cost of energy
  • Life and maintenance of system
  • Resale value of home
  • Impact to life style and community

SunTerra recommends building an all electric home.  Electricity can be generated by all conventional and alternative energy sources. Let's save fossil fuels for use other than housing needs. Alternative Energy Systems are being promoted by Government and Utility Companies. SunTerra will work for you to take advantage of these programs.

Alternative Energy Systems