Passive Cooling

SunTerra EnergyBlock high-mass heat storage ability will reduce or totally eliminate the need for mechanical air conditioning.

If the day/night temperature fluctuation is adequate, you can achieve good daytime interior comfort levels by flushing the home at night discharging heat. During the day the mass of the building stores unwanted heat to be discharged the following night. This cycle continues day by day saving you money.

If the day/night temperature fluctuation is not adequate or the days are too hot to provide natural air conditioning, you can still significantly reduce your cooling expense. By commanding your air conditioning unit to operate during the coolest part of the early morning when it is most efficient discharging the heat from the home, then allowing the mass to soak up the unwanted heat during the day, your cooling costs will be reduced. Because of the high capacity of the thermal storage battery the temperature fluctuation with in the home will be minimal.

Whether you are able to totally eliminate or significantly reduce your cooling expense SunTerra EnergyBlock is a valuable element of your building construction.

Passive Cooling Night Flush