Visit with our Valued Homeowners

“Sunterra’s policy of total communication, honesty, and quality left me feeling so positive about the experience and about the friendships I feel I formed with their entire team, that I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. I feel I received more house for the money than I would have with any other builder in Bend, and I know I can go back to SunTerra and receive the same courteous attention I have had since I began working with them. They truly are Master Builders!”

(Falxa, Bend OR)

“I met Jim at a previous Tour of Homes and liked the fact that Jim was easy to get in touch with. I am really happy that Jim talked me into a second floor outside deck. I like to sit in my swing and enjoy the view.”

(Jackson, Bend, OR)

“We feel like we have a life-long commitment from Sunterra Homes, and this provides us with a good feeling of security regarding our home. …Also, the subcontractors appeared to be of excellent personal quality and integrity. The work site remained clean, and at all stages the construction was professionally done. Sunterra works very hard to insure quality work at a competitive price. The personal commitment and integrity of all of the Sunterra Homes employees is very special. And so I am pleased to offer my highest recommendation to Sunterra Homes.”

(Sager, Bend OR)