Passive Solar

Natural Light – Passive Solar

solar can provide a major portion of the heating required for a home/building. To avoid severe space overheating and discomfort, a properly designed solar home must consider the ratio of solar heat gain through the south windows to the storage mass capacity of the home’s interior

the incorporation of the exterior, high mass, SunTerra EnergyBlock wall system, the passive solar heating contribution can be increased by up to 70% in a region needing significant winter heating with adequate sunshine and maintain good interior comfort.

In conventional wood framed structures, passive solar heating contribution is limited to 20 to 40% of the annual heating needs

high-mass construction, you can store multiple days of solar heat energy for those multiple days of cloudy weather while enjoying the comfortable interior without paying those expensive mechanical heating bills.

Think of SunTerra EnergyBlock as being a heat storage battery freely charged by the natural sunlight to be used in the future when your home needs warmth