Room Location

Most people will agree that the kitchen should be reasonably close to the dining area. Beyond that there are many opinions as to where the rooms should be placed.

People function and feel better when natural lighting is used. As the sun passes from east to west, your room functions ideally should flow with it. Rooms on the east obtain good morning light and some passive solar heat gain. This is possibly a good place to have a breakfast nook, a garden bath, your office or a bedroom if waking up to the sun and a cooler room in the evening is desired.

South rooms have good overall daytime lighting and passive solar heat and are easy to protect from summertime sun with overhangs. How about a living room, dining room, family room or solarium?

West rooms will be exposed to high levels of heat gain and light during the afternoon. In summer such gain is not wanted. If west views are desired, as in Central Oregon, you may want to shield the west facade from the afternoon heat. One way to accomplish this would be to locate a covered patio on that side. Another option might be to locate lesser used rooms on the west side, such as a guest rooms, hobby rooms, storage, utility, baths or garage.

Rooms located on the north will receive less light and no passive solar gain. Place as many “buffer rooms” as possible along the north wall. These could be your garage, halls, stairs, storage, bath, utility, etc.



 Versatile, open floor plan showing great use of "buffer rooms" on the north and passive solar gain on the south