SunTerra EnergyBlock is a new innovative wall system that absorbs and releases natural heat in the home or building providing for an even and comfortable living environment with a major reduction in heating and cooling expense.

Oregon State University

Oregon State University Cascade’s fifth-year value engineering class chose SunTerra EnergyBlock for their capstone research project. They installed sensing and recording equipment in a SunTerra EnergyBlock home to measure the benefit and comfort of this new wall system. The result was very even temperature throughout the home due to the natural thermal dynamics at work and a 29% energy savings over standard wood construction because of the greater ability to store and release free heat energy.


SunTerra EnergyBlock provides strength, sustainability, and security that will be passed on to future generations.


By combining proven construction products, a wall system has been created in which the total effect is greater than the sum of its parts.


The multiple values of energy efficiency, comfort, health, durability, affordability, and aesthetic benefits obtained in a SunTerra EnergyBlock wall system.